Fifth Anniversary Celebration Begins

NCSoft has announced its plans for the fifth anniversary celebration of   cheap aion kinah   Aion. The team has plans for prizes, contests, giveaways, in-game events, interaction with GMs and much, much more in honor of Aion’s anniversary.

Players familiar with Daeva’s Day, the annual Aion in-game celebration designed to commemorate Aion’s yearly anniversary, will welcome back fun activities designed to bring to life the  anniversary in-game, allowing players to celebrate the milestone as well. During the course of the event, players will be treated to giant cakes providing special buffs that increase drop rate by 10%, double global item drop rates (which stackes with the cake buff), and on September 22, the actual date of the Anniversary, GMs will be available in-game providing more buffs and general merriment.

But come dressed to impress. Aion players will be able to do just that with the introduction of the Dazzling Daevanion armor, a special set of armor with some unique stats. Donning the Dazzling Daevanion armor, equippable at level 10, provides level 50-60 stats and set bonuses! Players level 10 can participate in this special deal once per account during the anniversary celebration for the promotional price of 1 NCOIN.

MMOGs make profits for NCsoft

Profits are up for massively multiplayer online game maker NCsoft in the company’s first fiscal quarter, which ran from January 1 to March 31, 2008. Consolidated sales came to 88.1 billion South Korean won ($84.2 million), operating income was up 16 percent year-on-year and 63 percent over last quarter to 19.7 billion won ($18.9 million), and net profit was 8.1 billion won ($7.7 million).

Back in January, NCsoft announced it would be cancelling a sci-fi space-based MMOG project being developed by Spacetime Studios, although no reason was given at the time. According to today’s statement, NCsoft said the project “did not fit into the company’s core development plan.” NCsoft blames this for a decrease of 22 percent in net profits over last quarter, claiming that without this expense, profits would have been up 48 percent. The company stated that “resilient sales” of the Lineage series in Asia, along with Guild Wars and City of Heroes in North America and Europe, were the primary reason behind the steady growth year-on-year.

Aion takes wing September 22

Aion: Tower of Eternity launched in NCsoft’s native Korea late last year, and the massively multiplayer online role-playing game had an immediate impact on the company’s bottom line. As part of its most recent financial disclosure, NCsoft attributed its 51 percent jump in first-quarter net revenues and 315 percent spike in net profits to the game.
Try not to park under this guy.
Turning its eye now to attractive Western markets, NCsoft said today that Aion will launch on the PC in North America on September 22, with the European rollout occurring three days later. NCsoft plans to offer the game both as a retail disc and through a variety of digital distribution channels, including the publisher’s own Web site and Steam.

NCsoft profits soar 836%, Aion NA, Euro sales near 1M

The massively multiplayer online role-playing market hasn’t seen many new entrants this year. However, of those that have debuted this year, NCsoft scored perhaps the biggest hit with Aion: Tower of Eternity. Shortly before the supernal-themed MMOG’s launch in September, NCsoft said that Aion had garnered more than 400,000 preorders in North America, making it the “biggest MMO release of the year.”
Angels rejoice!
As part of its third-quarter earnings announcement today, NCsoft said that Aion has now sold more than 500,000 units in North America and 470,000 copies in Europe. Aion’s popularity propelled NCsoft to another quarter of triple-digit year-over-year gains. The Korean publisher reported revenues today that were up 112 percent to KRW166 billion ($142 million). Net income during the July-September period soared to KRW46.9 billion ($40 million), a whopping 836 percent year-over-year rise.

NCsoft Q3 sales slip 6%

Throughout 2009, NCsoft routinely posted triple digit quarterly profit and revenue growth, due in large part to the success of its latest massively multiplayer online role-playing game Aion. And while the Korean publisher can’t say the same for its current in-progress fiscal year, the publisher certainly isn’t losing much ground, either.
Gooooooo profits!
Reporting on its July-September fiscal quarter this week, NCsoft said revenues came in at KRW155 billion ($139 million), down 6 percent from the same period a year ago. Likewise, profit was largely flat year-over-year, rising just 1 percent to KRW47.3 billion ($42.6 million).

The publisher attributed its sales slip to a decrease in performance out of its Lineage franchise. The publisher also said that it had increased its payroll, having ramped up headcount in its R&D department.

Aion Players Hit Jackpot After Maintenance Goof

Maintenance on an Aion server yesterday caused a glitch that delivered more than 34 trillion Kinah – that’s Aion cash – to “a small number of players.” NCsoft was forced to do a server data rollback to correct the mistake.

“Havoc broke out as players spent their ill gotten gains, mailed around coin, and awaited the inevitable roll back to rectify a clear server glitch,” reports Ten Ton Hammer. I’d like to think I’d do much the same thing in real life if I were $34 trillion richer. Hell, I’d mail a stamped Ziploc bag full of diamonds just to see how far it got. In fact, I’d race the Ziploc bag of diamonds with a Ziploc bag full of porn across the country and see if either made it.

Where was I? OK, ultimately, adult supervision is required here. And on Aion’s Azphel server, where the Aion community manager says the glitch hit. Although a data rollback was “a last option,” they had no other choice. About 14 hours of character progression was wiped out. “As an apology for the downtime, we’ll be rewarding everyone on the Azphel server with five Lodas Amulets later this week,” said Aion’s community manager. Hooray! Lodas Amulets for everyone!

Player Designed Weapons Released

North American Aion players will be able to get their hands on two brand new player-designed weapons that will enter the game later today. One weapon each for the new Gunslinger and Songweaver classes were chosen during the “Leave Your Legacy” contest where players could submit concept designs for inclusion in the game.
Liiga Smilshkalne, also known as Rakesh from the Israphel server, submitted the winning design for the Gunslinger weapon, which she originally called the Mookie Gun.
“The idea for the Mookie Gun sprouted from late-night chattering with a friend and legion mate Aedus over the Leave Your Legacy announcement. That somehow, somewhere led to the idea of a Mookie Gun, which absolutely stuck,” Smilshkalne said at the time her design was selected. “The rest of it came naturally in the wee hours of the morning with the aid of a large cup of coffee.”
Sergio Kishino, also known as Seey on the Tiamat server, came up with the winning design for the Songweaver weapon. He said his inspiration came when he lost Internet access for a few days in late December and started to draw, first creating an “outfit inspired by Guardian Commander and Kahrun, with a blue butterfly and golden details,” then creating a weapon “with the same concept.”

A Month of Celebration Planned

Aion debuted in the West four years ago. To celebrate the momentous occasion, Aion players will be treated to an entire month’s worth of activities and in-game events.
Specific activities taking place throughout the month to commemorate the anniversary include:
Alchemy Event – Unlock special chests throughout the world with keys obtained from daily quests and by combining Alchemic Essences with Lead Fragments. There are tons of great rewards available in the chests so make the most of this event every day.
Deava’s Day Events – A variety of celebration activities that include special anniversary cake buffs, quests rewarding players with Deava Wings, challenges that enable players to earn golden feathers to purchase rewards, and a hide-and-seek game that rewards players for finding mini-anniversary cakes around the world.
Leave Your Legacy: Aethertech Players are once again given the chance to leave their mark in Aion forever. Leave Your Legacy allows players to submit their very own design for an Aethertech Key & Mecha. One design will be chosen and created for the new Aethertech class coming when Aion 4.5 launches in North America.
In-Game GM Events – NCSOFT GMs will be making their way into the game to host a variety of activities and play mini-games designed to bring players together and handsomely reward them for their efforts.
Talk Like a Pirate Day – Dress your character in the latest designer North American exclusive Pirate gear in observance of the national Talk Like a Pirate Day and participate in various themed activities.

Free Food at the Brax Cafe

Aion players can score some free food and earn marks to purchase exclusive event items during a new campaign for level 21+ players. The event is triggered in each faction’s capital city. Players can then head to the cafe for a quick bite to each each day from now through October 23rd.
The Brax Café is open for business! For two weeks only, the café is giving out samples of their food to all patrons. Come in everyday from October 9 through the 23rd and dine free!
Start the event by first speaking to the Café Promoter in Sanctum or Pandaemonium. You must be at least level 21 to participate. Then head over to Oriel Plaza or Pernon Plaza to speak to the Café Manager to receive (14) Oriel or Pernon Scrolls– one scroll for every day of the event! If you’re feeling hungry, grab a bite to eat from the Café Manager. Not only will you receive one random food item, you will also receive one Patron Mark for each of your visits. Patron Marks can be exchanged for various Café rewards including your very own 30-day General Goods NPC or Warehouse Manager for your home just for frequenting the café! Stop by the Café every day of the event to pick up your free meal and a Patron Mark!

Oratile is the new North West FIFA 15 champion

At the recent 19th  Fifa Coins IOS  MWEB North West Championships which were held on the 7th and 8th March 2015 at St Conrad’s College in Klerksdorp, the recently formed club ‘Crown  Fifa 15 Coins IOS  the King’ sent five of its best players to compete.

Thus the five players ‘trekked’ from Mahikeng to do battle in EA’s title FIFA ’15. Faced by a larger field than ever before, the players from Mahikeng knew they had thweir work cut out for them when in the first round only two of their number Mike Mahole and Refiloe Masitenyane  won their games with Oratile Tiro and Karabo Sindane drawining against their opponents.

Arnold Maifala (from St Conrads) immediately stamped his authority on the championship from the first round.